My favorite books to read are the ones I wrote, but Ayn Rand is pretty good, too.

I have found now that I am publishing my 20th novel, which ties me with Charles Dickens for total novels written and published, that I prefer my novels over any others.  I know that sounds completely bias, but I still read novels by other authors.  It’s just that I prefer my novels over other authors.  When I am finished reading a novel by another author, I am usually disappointed.  But when I finish one of my novels, again, I find myself very satisfied.

Recently, I took up one of Ayn Rand’s novels and began to read it.  Unlike most novels by other authors, I did not put it down after 10 pages, completely disillusioned and disappointed.  In fact, I read the first 50 pages.  I am still reading it and it still holds my interest.  I have found in Ayn Rand and kindred spirit.

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