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Coaching a youth sports team requires maximum…patience!

The most important thing that I need to exercise as I coach another youth sports team this season is patience!  I have coached many sports in my life, including baseball, lacrosse, soccer, hockey and golf.  With young kids, I need to exercise patience and keep it simple, using positive reinforcement, and above all, to be a role model.   And I find with high school kids, the same skills, patience and approach are also needed.  Golf is a game of power and precision.  Every shot is like trying to score a goal from your own defensive end, with every other one of the 11 players in front of you at the time.

Ultimately, I hope to not only teach the kids to be better athletes and help them develop their skills, but to also be a positive influence and a role model to help them become better team mates, better sportsmen and sportswomen, and in the end, better people.  If I accomplish this, I will count myself a good coach and a good person who has achieved his goal.


Words and photo, copyright 2014 by Eddie Edwards.

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Engineering, anthropology, etymology, architecture: All needed to write a novel.

Among the many skills I need as an author to write a novel, I also need to have a background in engineering,  physics, anthropology, etymology, architecture, city planning, social services, family guidance, history and many other skills and knowledge of these topics and disciplines are needed for me to write a novel.

In addition to these, I need to be able to write a good story, develop characters, create plot, invent cities and plan them out, guide families, build relationships, integrate history, even be well versed in military tactics.  But all of these skills and knowledge add up to one thing:  My next best novel.  It is coming out next month.  Stay tuned.

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I was interviewed by one of my students.

I was interviewed by one of my students.  He said all of my responses were really good.  Here are the three that he liked the most:

Q:  What is your favorite tv show?

A:  Black Adder, on BBC

Q.  What is your number one goal in life?
A:  To be an internationally best-selling author

Q:  What do you want to be remembered for?
A:  An outstanding teacher

I hope I can fulfill  all of these!

very close up


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It was no asteroid or comet that hit Russia, but their own weapon of mass destruction gone wrong!

Read all about it in my true crime expo:

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