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Give Thanks Every Day!

Remember to give thanks every day.  Every day I try to remember to give thanks for at least one thing:  My family, my job, nature, travel, being able to play music, being a referee of multiple sports at a Professional level, health, my house, my yard, anything I can think of.

I believe we all have at least one thing to be thankful for every day.  And all we have to do is stop complaining for one minute, stop feeling sorry for ourselves, think of all the others we know who have suffered much worse than us, and we can be thankful each day.

fire tower bird


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Vive la France!

Let us support  France and all stand together against terrorism.

french bakery


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Magic of the seasons

As we move into the seasons and holidays of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are many changes in the weather, the color of the trees, the leaves falling, the days shortening and the nights becoming darker, longer and colder.  I am also aware of much more magic in the air, the energy of spirits, of the power of nature and the reminder of human kindness and to treat each other warmly, not just now but all year long.

Let us not forget to decorate, celebrate and enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones.  If you go to church, be sure to go regularly.  If you know a veteran, thank them and shower them with food and gifts.  Be thankful for all you have and be grateful to those you may take for granted.  Magic is all around us and in us and sometimes all it takes is a word, a gesture, a smile or a deed to let it flow to everyone.


Photo taken at Clophill church, England.

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