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The toughest job that I love…

The toughest job that I love is also the most challenging, the most exhausting but the most rewarding:  Parenthood!  I love my son and love being there for him through every situation, both good and bad.  I love his questions, though most of them are really difficult to answer, but I love the smile on his face after he understands my answers.  I love being an example for him both as a person and as a father, as well as a role model and a friend.

I am so excited to see him grow into a young adult, to make decisions and good choices on his own, based on what we have already taught and modeled for him.  And I am excited to see his new passions and to watch all of the new directions his life is taking.  It truly is a privilege and a huge responsibility to the be the steward of another life, of your own flesh and blood, of your child, who I love more than anything in the world.  I can’t wait to see the man that he becomes!

sleeping angel



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I am working a reffing marathon!

I am in the midst of a six-day, 18-game reffing marathon!  I am skating both youth and adult games.  I am working as a linesmen and a referee in a three-man system, and working in a two-man system.  I am traveling and working in multiple rinks across the state.

So far, I have given out major penalties, game misconducts, penalty shots and match penalties!  My legs are screaming but I am loving it!

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Another student asked me to assist and edit their short story and essay.

I was honored and accepted with extreme pleasure when another of my students asked me to assist them in writing and editing a short story, and also an essay!  It is always rewarding to see when I have helped a student and they have results and success.  Sometimes I don’t always get to see the end product and the grade, but there is always satisfaction for me in simply helping, especially with writing, which I believe is one of my great talents and assets.

I hope this student, like the last student I helped, gets an “A” on their short story and on their essay.  And hopefully, some day, the student will be published.  All I can hope is that the student has learned something, improved their writing skills, will continue pursuing writing and maybe also help other students in turn with their writing.  I will do my best to keep the writing chain going.


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My fantasy serial is now available on JukePop.

My fantasy serial “Blind” is now available on JukePop.

Here is the website:

Please start reading  and voting for me today!

Thanks and happy new year!



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Zoo lights was a great experience.

Happy New Year everyone.  Zoo lights at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium was a great experience.  The lights were awesome, the animals were comical and the aquatic life was startling, especially the sharks!  It was a great time for the whole family.

I highly recommend it for Christmas next year for all.  There were camel rides, penguins, hot cocoa and coffee, millions of lights and plenty of music and activities.

bears and mtn



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