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Nature teaches us what is important.

So many people spend their life looking down into their smart phones instead of looking out at nature or up at the sky.  Nature teaches us what is important.  Look at the animals and see how their focus is on their families, gathering food for them, building shelter for them.  Animals have their priorities in order, but sometimes we humans don’t.

Look at the seals playing in the ocean.  They are together, always, and having fun, enjoying nature and all that it provides.  We need to learn from this and remember to take time out just to have fun, enjoy some recreation, never losing that childlike side of our existence.

Finally, we see the waves and wakes that are cut into the ocean by boats that look like wounds that leave scars.  But in time, these are covered up, healed and all but disappear.  This is nature’s way of teaching us to forgive, forget, not hold grudges, move on, because life is short.  Thank goodness nature teaches us and reminds us what is important.




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I keep in touch with my Celtic roots.

I am Celtic and I keep in touch with my Celtic routes.  This involves eating Celtic food, visiting Celtic pubs, touring Celtic castles and reading Celtic literature, as well as performing Celtic music with Celtic instruments.

Here is our St. Patty’s Day performance where I play the bodhran:

Here is more of our band’s music for free download:


Photo by H.L. Edwards

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I took a pilgrimage into the desert

I decided it was time for me to be alone with myself and search my soul.  I went into the desert of Arizona and looked deep within myself.  I found the time I spent there enlightening.  I had never noticed before how many incredible flowers grow in such a dry, hot place.

I also learned a great deal about myself and gained more patience and grace in my life.  I remembered what was important in life and to always pay attention to the details.  Always look up at the sky, the mountains, the sunset and sunrise, around at the flowers and all life and soak up every moment on this wonderful planet.


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My new book is a Titanic story.

ship from train Continue reading

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