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People in over 100 countries have viewed my blog!

I am so blessed to have had people in over 100 countries around the world view my blog, view my YouTube videos and purchase my books on the Amazon worldwide Kindle app.  There are 196 countries in the world total so that means over half the world knows my name!  I am so excited, honored and humbled all at the same time.  This is such a confirmation of my passion for writing and an inspiration to keep writing.  I am currently working on writing two new novels at the same time.

In addition to my blog and novel writing, I have also begun writing journalism again and have joined the Society of Professional Journalists.  Journalism requires a good deal of research, which I already employ in my true crime books and novels, so the relationship there has already had a good foundation and continues to blossom.  Thanks everyone and keep writing and blogging!

Here is the flag of Maldives, one of the newest countries to read my blog, watch my YouTube videos and purchase my books:

maldives flag


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This was my first band of brothers.

Before the internet, cell phones, texting, e-mail, wireless phones, video games, net flicks, atms or electric cars; when we still hand wrote letters, talked on the phone for hours and actually carried on conversations at the dinner table instead of staring at our smart phones; when we spent time outside, traveling, playing sports; when life was slower, fuller and more meaningful, I had my first band of brothers.  We did everything and went everywhere together.  I believe that in those days, the quality of life was better than it is today.


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