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I am taking college classes again. Here is my first essay:

This essay is for the ACLS about providing life support and medical attention during an experience I have had in my life:

I am currently First Aid and CPR certified. I have written this essay to win the ACLS Medical Training scholarship. At the time of this life support situation, I was already certified in First Aid and CPR as well.

The experience I would like to share with you and write about concerns my son when he was very young. I am an ice hockey referee and often brought my son to the hockey rink with me. When he was very young, I hired sitters, sometimes the scorekeepers for the games that I officiated, to watch over him. One night, as he was sitting next to the scorekeeper who had often watched him in the past and had agreed to watch over my son for me that night as well, my son suddenly shifted and as a result, my son slipped off the bench in the scorekeeper’s box. He hit his chin on the score table, then fell backwards and hit his head. As I was skating by, I saw him crying and the blood dripping from his mouth and I rushed off the ice, telling my partner I had an emergency, and I tended to my son.

My first concern was that my son had bitten his tongue, as soon as the scorekeeper told me what had happened. I quickly assessed the damage to his mouth and fortunately his tongue was unharmed. But his chin was cut and bleeding. I checked his teeth and all were in place, but the blood coming from his mouth indicated that he may have chipped teeth.

Finally, I was gravely concerned that my son may have suffered a concussion as well. So I immediately checked his eyes for pupil dilation, calming him, applying pressure on his cut chin. I then administered a brief consciousness test, asking him a few relative questions as I rushed him to the locker room bathroom, cleaned his wound, all the while applying pressure, then bandaged his chin.

He seemed to suffer no concussion symptoms, as I also checked his ears for any visible bleeding. I also quickly checked his balance and assessed the overall condition of his mind and body at the time.

When I was certain that he suffered no further injury or concussion, I quickly removed my skates and drove him to the emergency room. After a full examination, the doctor determined he did not suffer a concussion. He stitched my son’s chin.

The very next morning, which was a school day for my son and a work day for me, I called my supervisor to alert him of the situation and let the school know neither myself nor my son would be in school that day due to a medical emergency. Then I scheduled an emergency dental appointment for him.

Fortunately, his chipped teeth were baby teeth and would be replaced by permanent teeth later. So I had the dentist seal them to prevent decay or cavities. After that, my son was completely restored to health and we were both relieved that we had lived through that hazardous experience without further, permanent damage.

Tristan Edwards

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There is too much rude behavior these days.

There is too much rude behavior these days.  People have forgotten to treat others the way they want to be treated.  So many are being rude to their fellow humans, inconsiderate, oblivious, unforgiving and just plain not nice.  It must be that these days people have forgotten about karma and that what goes around comes around.  They have forgotten that we are born with compassion and affection and that we only live once, so we should be as nice as we can to others to make this world a better place.

So many are interested in their tarot reading, fortunes and horoscopes.  But one doesn’t need to look at the stars or consult a fortune teller, like the one I found here (picture below) to know whether good or bad things will happen, whether they will prosper or suffer, whether others will remember then with fondness or forget them with disdain.  One way to ensure everyone will be better off having known you is to treat them with respect and dignity and you will receive the same in return.



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Slow down, grill and enjoy nature.

This Labor Day weekend we returned to the fundamentals of slowing down, grilling and enjoying nature.  Sometimes we just need to get back to the basics, as cliché as that sounds, and enjoy the simple things in life.  It’s also a time to enjoy the little things in life.

There is so much we cannot control and so often we cannot even get a handle on the big picture.  But we can control how we spend our free time and what we do with our families.  And on this holiday, at the end of summer, it’s best to enjoy the leisure time of the season as we all get ready for the big push back to school and work.  So slow down, grill, enjoy nature and enjoy your family.




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