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Rocking Thanksgiving with the Band!

We rocked the harmonica solo in “Sat Down With The Devil,” at The Dungeon, live!

playing Rikki's dungeon

Fun with family and friends on the holidays!

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Black Friday deals on my books:

‘Tis the season!

Books make great gifts.  Find Black Friday deals on my latest book “Kevlar Node” and on the Winter anthology that includes one of my novellas:

Winter Anthology

Happy Holidays and happy reading!


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I am having a great Veteran’s Day!

It was so nice to have the time to smoke some brisket on the grill, then prepare it in my own creation of maple, bacon, brisket pasta!









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More national and international distributors are carrying my books…

These distributors are now carrying my books:  Paperback Shop International, Alibris, Bargain Bookstores, Abe books, Jet, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Click on these links or copy and past them into your internet browser to order:







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The loss of a grandparent…

Recently I lost one of my grandparents, my grandfather.  The first thing I did when I heard was remember all of the amazing lessons he taught me.  My mind flashed back to childhood and the many times we spent together.  The moment that stands out the most, over the years, has been the one at the Calico Ghost Town.  My grandparents took me there when I was young, along with my mother.  I always loved the Old West and cowboys and Indians growing up.  And I always loved ghosts and ghost stories.

When we first arrived, I was amazed and in awe that all that I had seen in movies and on TV was true!  This is what an Old West town looked like, and indeed was abandoned so the fact that it was a ghost town was even more intriguing!

While we were there, taking the tour, I got to try Sarsaparilla for the first time.  It was so much better than Root beer and tasted like the Old West.  While we walked around, I found a horseshoe in the dirt.  I immediately bent down and picked it up.  “Souvenir!” I exclaimed.  It was old and rustic, obviously left behind by the inhabitants when they abandoned the town.  But then my grandfather weighed in…

“You can’t take that,” he said to me, “otherwise people who visit here won’t get to see it.  That is part of the history and culture of this place, the people who lived here, a hundred years ago, the things they left behind.”

But I cried and pleaded with my mother to be able to keep it.  She insisted, as did grandfather, that I leave it.  So after much deliberation and reluctantly, I put it back in the dirt where I found it.  My grandfather had taught me a valuable lesson about selflessness.

That Christmas, I was rewarded for listening to my grandfather.  I received a horseshoe from grandfather.  It was brand new.  I cherished it and the lesson he taught me.



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Join me as Hockey Fights Cancer!

This year again I am participating in Hockey Fights Cancer.  Along with Movember, this month is also a time when hockey heightens its awareness and fund raising for all types of cancer that affect men.  Join me as once again, I fight along with hockey to beat cancer and find a cure for all.

lavendar laces


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A recent compliment by one of my readers

As I was signing a copy of my book, “Kevlar Node,” that one of my readers purchased at Barnes and Noble, my reader stated, “You are a genius.  Your novel proves that you are brilliant to be able to see into the future.”

That is the most amazing compliment on my writing I have ever received!

On the shelves at B&N


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Help me raise awareness and funds to end all cancers that affect males, forever.

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Gallons of chili

This is the first time I made gallons of chili!  But it was fun.  And it was for a great cause.  I made 2 gallons of my buffalo chicken chili for the Washington Multi Family Housing Authority chili cook off, to benefit and all victims of domestic violence.  I did this as a representative of my company, Avenue5 Residential.  Our theme for our booth was Andy’s Room from Toy Story and I was dressed up as Woody.

Everyone loved my chili, came to our booth asking for it by name, and stood in line to wait for a sample of it.  For presentation I served it with a stalk of celery and a sprinkle of cheese.  My chili was so popular, I ran out of chili just after judging was completed.  I made the semi finals but didn’t win a prize for my chili…this year.  We’ll get them next year!



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