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Holiday Season

Although we take time to be thankful during the holiday season, we should be thankful all year long!  There are so many things I have to be thankful for this holiday season, and all year long:  My family, my company, my work, my new house, the songs and albums I have recorded in multiple studios, the multiple books I have written and published that I have now surpassed Charles Dickens, the festivals I have helped organize and run, Christmas snow, road trips, vacation, my man cave, my new giant tv, my new grill, being able to work often from home, taking the train to work, and so many other little things that I blush with how blessed I have been and still am.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be thankful all year long and never forget how blessed I have been and how blessed I am every day.




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I recently helped raise money for D.A.W.N.

I recently participated in a fund raiser for D.A.W.N. (Domestic Abuse Women’s Network), as a referee and judge for a chili cook off.  It was sponsored by W.M.F.H.A.  I had a blast!  I even got to wear my referee shirt and was able to be part of the judging for each category.  There were some great chili recipes and I was privy to the winners of each round, including the championship!

D.A.W.N. is an amazing charity and an outstanding cause toward counseling, housing and hopefully ending domestic abuse once and for all, not just against women but against everyone.  Through our effort we were able to raise $25,000.00 in charitable funds.  I look forward to helping with many more charitable efforts throughout the years to help as many people as I can.



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