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When one window closes, another door opens!

I know the old cliché says when one door closes, another door opens.  But for me, it was slightly different.  Recently, a window closed for me that was an outlet of exercise, income and exposure.  But then a new door opened that replaced that with even more exercise, income and exposure.  And along with it came travel and opportunities that are even more exciting and adventurous than that previous window that closed.

In life, all good things must come to an end.  I know, I am in cliché mood today!  But when a good thing ends in my life, it is almost always followed by a new good thing that starts.  As I reflect on the past and the good memories of that window, I now look forward to the future and am excited as I anticipate the greater memories I will make as I walk through this new door.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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I made soup from scratch and gourmet sandwiches.

I made chicken soup from scratch.  I started with chicken broth, added spices and secret ingredients.  Then I sauteed mushrooms.  I added the mushrooms, along with chopped onions and roasted red peppers, into the soup.  Finally, I added sauteed chicken to complete the ensemble.

Next, I made curried tuna sandwiches on artisan garlic toast.  In the tuna I also spiced it up with green onion and capers, and just a pinch of garlic.  I served them all warm and toasty and it turned out to be a perfect warmer meal for the cold, late Autumn nights!


tuna sandwich



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Happy Veteran’s Day to all my sisters and brothers in arms!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all my brothers and sisters in arms!  We had a wonderful ceremony at the high school where I teach.  The staff and students put on an amazing and respectful assembly.  I felt so honored to be a part of it.  So many students that day came up to me in classrooms and in the hall to shake my hand and thank me for my service.  I also reminded them to not forget those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

As I enjoy this day off from school and work, I went golfing and was welcomed by some late Autumn sunshine.  It was very peaceful and it gave me time to reflect on my time I spent in the Air Force.  I got to meet and work with many great people, travel all over Europe, and has incredible experiences that made me a better person and which I will never forget.  I am so glad I made the choice to join those many years ago!



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Help me raise money for men’s prostate cancer this Movember!

Join me in raising money for men’s prostate cancer this Movember!  November is the month we call Movember and this is an annual fund raiser to help find cures for many different cancer that affects only men, including prostate cancer.  This is a very popular fund raiser among myself and my hockey community:  All of us officials, players, coaches, mentors and USA Hockey certified seminar instructors, like myself, participate in this each year.  Start by growing facial hair and spreading the word.  Then you can go to this website to get involved and find out more:


ref movember 1

Yep, that’s me, the Iron Man, Every Day Eddie hockey referee!



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