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What if bald eagles could text?

What if bald eagles could text?  I often wonder what animals say to each other, how they communicate and what means are available to them.  These days we have so many ways as humans of communicating, from text, chat, twitter, snapchat, facebook and even the old fashioned phone call.  But are our ways of communication as effective as eagles?  Are the ways eagles talk to each other more rich and enlightening than humans?

I have found now that I have a teenager that texting has actually improved my communication with my son.  Without text, I would have to try to call my son all the time and hope he answered and he would have to do the same with me.  If not I would have to leave a message and wonder and worry while I wait for him to call back.  But now, I can immediately find out where he is, who he is with and that he is ok, in seconds, just by texting with him.  Texting has improved our already great communication and I find between my son and I, we soar with the eagles when we text each other.

bald eagle on ship



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Light Summer Fare

I find that in the warm summer months I enjoy making lighter, cold, healthier dishes.  To go along with the longer, warmer, brighter summer days and the extended time spent outdoors, I like to make more salad type entrees.

The high blue sky, walks by the ocean, the birds singing, morning coffee outside on the back deck, are all things I enjoy in Summer, along with cold dishes.  This week I made a cold seafood salad with salmon, giant prawns, capers, chopped onions, green olives, roasted red pepper and balsamic.  Enjoy!



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