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Amazing grilled cheese and soup!

Yes, that’s goldfish in this wonderful tomato basil soup with creme fresh.  The salad has a lovely balsamic dressing on it.  And the sandwich is actually macaroni and cheese on a grilled cheese.  This is amazing comfort food on a gloomy, misty day in the northwest.  It was fantastic!

grilled cheese


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Summer is a good time to visit ice caves!

This hot summer is a good time to visit the ice caves.  It is a beautiful drive about an hour and a half from our house.  The hike out into the mountains is lovely.  And the reward is the ice caves!  They are a marvel to look at.  The waterfalls that feed them from far up on the cliffs are beautiful as well.  And the cool air that rushes from out of them is most welcome on a hot summer day.  We visited them on a hot summer day this month and it was amazing.  I can’t wait to go back.  It was like being in the cave of Caerbannog, only without the ravenous rabbit!



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I just signed a new publishing contract!

I am so excited to be offered a publishing contract for one of my books.  I accepted and signed!  I have already spoken with the artistic director about  my cover.  I spoke with the editor in chief about the content.  And I have spoken to the CEO about being a part of the family of this great publishing company.  Thank you everyone!

publishing contract


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I am back recording in the studio!

It’ hard work getting back into the studio and recording.  I’ve got to not only memorize songs but be so focused, diligent, be physically fit and have excellent diligence.  As evidenced by the first video I posted on Youtube, it takes time to get back into it.


But with perseverance, I got it going and will post the next video of my playing live in the studio soon!  I will continue to work on recording the demo for my new band “Grave Fables.”


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I just wrote a poem.

I have been so focused lately on writing and publishing my novels that I haven’t written a poem in a while.  But I just wrote a poem, so here it is:


I’m sure I saw an angel today

She glided with grace, clad in white

She smiled at me more than twice

And bent her gaze upon my face

I felt the hand of God descend

Instilling in me the confidence

To remain open to all powerful ends

And never stop believing in things

There is a higher purpose than me

Something that’s bigger to see

A calling that stirs within my being

That ignites my soul to higher seeing

So when my life is said and done

And I’ve made the most and won

It will be said of me the sun

Has shone on me and much has grown

My life has produced a wealth of things

Accomplishments that shine and sing

So many peaks that I have climbed

Make my life fulfilled and sublime


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My son is an amazing mechanic and artist!

My son has performed some wonderful work on his own car, from monthly maintenance and replacement of engine parts, to the modification of the look and ride of the car.  From inside to outside he had performed all the work himself, upgrading wheels, shocks, coil overs to lowering the car and adding a wing, modifying the exhaust and increasing horse power. It is wonderful to see his passion and artistry!

Car artist

He’s so happy!

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