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Charles Dickens and I have both written and published 20 novels each.

I have always loved Charles Dickens novels.  I sometimes find our writing styles can be very similar, as can our characters and situations.  And though we have lived very different lives in very different times, we both share experiences and encounters, as well as adventures, that I often find we are very much alike.

I could never hope to be as gifted a writer as Charles Dickens, or to claim to be in his company in the hierarchy of authors, but I do know we have a connection and it comes through in our writing.  If he were alive today, I am sure we would collaborate on a novel and in some places, the difference between his writing and mine could even be seamless.

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A real hunchback lives in Seattle: Here is his story…

Click on the link to read the book:

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Summer is here at last!

Here in the Northwest of the United States, our summers can come late, end early or be full of precipitation.  But this summer has not disappointed.  It has come early, continues to burn hot, and shows no signs of ending early.  It is a time for road trips, hiking, exploring, camping, spending time at the beach, on the water and together, eating outside and enjoying time on the deck as much as possible.

As we continue to enjoy time outside and this pristine weather, we remember that family is important and that family must always come first.  It is family that we work for, get up every morning and go to our jobs, save up, pay for benefits and plan for the future.  Without family, fun in the sun this summer and every summer just wouldn’t have any meaning.

Get out there and enjoy the summer fun with your family!

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I am entering my 12th year as a professional official.

I have found as I continue to work with professional athletes as a professional official in multiple professional sports, that one thing remains constant:  Professionals will always end up in the same place at the same time and will be drawn to each other.

I also have many professional athletes as clients as well in my other business and we immediately recognize each other, not from tv or the internet, but in the way we act, carry ourselves and treat others.  It is a constant lifestyle of pursuing perfection.

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