I am a globally published author, with readers and followers on every continent (except Antarctica where there are no indigenous people) and in over 60 countries.  All of my books and novels can be found on the international Amazon Kindle store.  I lived in Europe for several years and am a professional sports official.  I am a teacher, private pilot, musician and I love the outdoors, travelling, fine dining and my family.

7 responses to “About

  1. Katy Spiker

    Oh, Eddie, you let your about section empty and yet full of template! 😛

    • Oh, I see what you mean! I think this was an automatically generated spot on my blog. I didn’t post this. I guess I should fill in all I can “about” me for the benefit of my readers and blog followers! You have a blog as well?

  2. Katy Spiker

    No, but I’ve thought about making one. could be interesting, I suppose. And I knew it was an automated thing, I was just pulling your leg. 😛

  3. doris

    Mrs Doris Butler of Quainton, Bucks has a tulip 32 inches high from soil level to top of bloom is this how you measure? How does she record this achievement?

    • Good day, Doris! You can submit your tulip measurement to Guinness Book of World Records or to Ripley’s Believe It or Not by going to their website. Just a word of caution in case they disappoint you, they are more interested in “freak show” kind of activity that they can put on tv instead of real accomplishments like ours!

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