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My latest poem for Autumn…


Grey is your name like your dark past

But your future is green like spring

Strong is your chin like marble

Your jaw is set to withstand anything

Resolute your features so clear

Like nature you endure through all

Your soul bending but never breaking

Like a mighty mountain you stand tall

You rise like the brilliant sun every day

You change tides like the lofty moon

Your patience never waivers

Your words and thoughts cause swoon

When I hear your voice so lovely

And feel the tones wash over me

I take refuge in your porcelain skin

Lost in your blissful serenity

I have found solace in your arms

Where I want to stay forever

But we must both continue on

To fulfill each life endeavor


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Poetry is flowing out of me!

Here is one I just wrote:


Raven parts her mouth in heat

Black feathers shining shimmering

Blinding now with eyes ebony

She turns her gaze to paralyze me

I sense her hunger, feel her heat

Taste her breath deep inside of me

With a word she steals my soul

Transforming me like crops culled

If she swoops upon me now

I have no defense against her prowl

Her appetite consumes me whole

She is sweet to me like profiterole

Succulent her fruit it dangles

She spell binds me into tangles

I don’t ever want to be free

From her hands, her voice, for eternity!

7-11-17, Seattle




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I just signed a new publishing contract!

I am so excited to be offered a publishing contract for one of my books.  I accepted and signed!  I have already spoken with the artistic director about  my cover.  I spoke with the editor in chief about the content.  And I have spoken to the CEO about being a part of the family of this great publishing company.  Thank you everyone!

publishing contract


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I just wrote a poem.

I have been so focused lately on writing and publishing my novels that I haven’t written a poem in a while.  But I just wrote a poem, so here it is:


I’m sure I saw an angel today

She glided with grace, clad in white

She smiled at me more than twice

And bent her gaze upon my face

I felt the hand of God descend

Instilling in me the confidence

To remain open to all powerful ends

And never stop believing in things

There is a higher purpose than me

Something that’s bigger to see

A calling that stirs within my being

That ignites my soul to higher seeing

So when my life is said and done

And I’ve made the most and won

It will be said of me the sun

Has shone on me and much has grown

My life has produced a wealth of things

Accomplishments that shine and sing

So many peaks that I have climbed

Make my life fulfilled and sublime


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My books are now available in paperback!

Get yours today!



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Life can often come down to perspective making all the difference. How w

e see things, how we see others, can be the deciding factor between success or failure, friendship or enmity, a lost opportunity or a friend for life.

This period in my life has been crazy busy. I am moving fast in my new job, recording albums, talking with agents and publishers, performing live,  writing books, running festivals and working with book cover artists.  Through this growth period I have been experimenting with altering perspectives and it is changing my life!

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People in over 100 countries have viewed my blog!

I am so blessed to have had people in over 100 countries around the world view my blog, view my YouTube videos and purchase my books on the Amazon worldwide Kindle app.  There are 196 countries in the world total so that means over half the world knows my name!  I am so excited, honored and humbled all at the same time.  This is such a confirmation of my passion for writing and an inspiration to keep writing.  I am currently working on writing two new novels at the same time.

In addition to my blog and novel writing, I have also begun writing journalism again and have joined the Society of Professional Journalists.  Journalism requires a good deal of research, which I already employ in my true crime books and novels, so the relationship there has already had a good foundation and continues to blossom.  Thanks everyone and keep writing and blogging!

Here is the flag of Maldives, one of the newest countries to read my blog, watch my YouTube videos and purchase my books:

maldives flag

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Charles Dickens and I have both written and published 20 novels each.

I have always loved Charles Dickens novels.  I sometimes find our writing styles can be very similar, as can our characters and situations.  And though we have lived very different lives in very different times, we both share experiences and encounters, as well as adventures, that I often find we are very much alike.

I could never hope to be as gifted a writer as Charles Dickens, or to claim to be in his company in the hierarchy of authors, but I do know we have a connection and it comes through in our writing.  If he were alive today, I am sure we would collaborate on a novel and in some places, the difference between his writing and mine could even be seamless.

my books

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I am thankful for so many things!

I am so blessed and thankful for my family.  I am thankful that I have been able to help so many people in so many ways.  I am thankful that I have been able to work and teach as an USA Hockey official, Canadian Hockey official, baseball umpire, soccer official, NCAA hockey official, Junior Hockey official, WHL official and also as a Professional IFL, NHL, NLL and PGA official.  I am thankful that I have been given the gift of writing and have written and published so many works including 19 novels. I am thankful that I have been able to work in so many industries.  I am thankful for people I have know only for a short time and who I have known all my life.  I am thankful for my health and freedom to live in the greatest country in the world.  I am thankful for education and travel.  In this season I don’t want this to be the only time to remember all I have to be thankful for; I want to remember to be thankful all year long!

snow 4

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