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Support WikiLeaks

I encourage everyone to support WikiLeaks via donations and submit securely and anonymously if you know of evidence of corruption.  The world is free and deserves to know.



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We can change the attitude of the world if we set an example.

I have noticed lately that the attitude of many in the world is one of total disregard for others.  I see it especially on the road where people are constantly cutting each other off and showing a blatant disregard for anyone else but themselves.  In situations of opportunities to let another person merge, I see people turning a blind eye and pretending to be oblivious, when it is just a sheer example of downright rudeness.

I also see the rude attitude in the work place, where no one wants to take responsibility, admit when they are wrong, work as a team or acknowledge the success of others.  Everyone tries to ignore problems and ignore their fellow workers so that they can do as little as possible and still get paid for it. We need to change this attitude on the road and in the work place.  Be a lighthouse to the world.  Let’s start being more compassionate and caring, less selfish, and start putting others before ourselves.  Doing this, we can change the attitude of the world over time.

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Words and photo copyright 2015 by E. J. Edwards.

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