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Exotic places in America

I’ve been to many exotic places around the world, but I’ve also been to exotic places in America.  My recent trip found me in an exotic location in America, where grapefruit and orange trees grow in public places and yield their fruit freely.  Where palm trees lilt in the warm breeze even in Winter and desert flowers decorated the landscape.

Where is this, you ask?  Well, it is in Tucson, Arizona.  I spent warm January evenings by the pool and hot tub, with an outdoor fire, surrounded by palm trees and orange groves.  The even warmer Winter days are filled with wondrous flowers and scents and crowned by stunning sunsets.  I recommend everyone visit Tucson or at least somewhere in Arizona in the Winter and you’ll be warmed, amazed and refreshed.



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It’s that time of year!

It’s that time of year to open up the sunroof on my car and cruise!  All the Winter cold is gone.  The moon is full.  My tulips are open and myh lavendar and the rest of my garden are blossoming into color and life!  It’s 60 degrees every day and it’s even balmy at night!

So get out there and enjoy the blue skies and sunshine.  Go travel, hike, explore or just sit outside on your porch or take and breathe it all in.  This is one of the best seasons of the year and it only comes once a year so drink it all in while you can!




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