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I had the rare opportunity to explore the catwalk, above the rafters at The Paramount and experience the Wurlitzer.

Paramount drums

I was able to climb the steep ladders, crawl over the top of the ceiling, 4 floors above the stage, walk the catwalk and see all of the amazing instruments that are played when the Wurlitzer is engaged inside The Paramount theater.  The Wurlitzer is an amazing organ, only a few are left in the world.  There is one at The Paramount in Seattle.  When the Wurlitzer keys are pressed on the organ, air currents are shuttled throughout the theater, forcing the individual instruments to play, such as drums, horns, dulciana, chrysoglot and even a harp.  The sound comes through the louvers in the wall so that the entire theater reverberates as if an orchestra were playing.  It was a wonderful experience and this instrument and the organ itself, as well as the theater, are a marvel of technology and history, even though they were invented and built 100 years ago!  I have a new love and respect for both.

Paramount horns

Thanks Phil, the caretaker, for this great experience!


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Attending an amazing play in Ashland is so legal!

We had an amazing time watching “The Count of Monte Cristo” live on stage at the Oregon Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon this summer.  It is such a wonderful place, community and is thriving with creative energy so much so that it is palpable. The shops and restaurants there remind me so much of my time I lived in England.  And the Black Sheep pub makes a killer English breakfast.  I recommend this experience to every artist and lover of theater, literature and the arts.


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Our excellent Memorial Day weekend was all about timing!

Sometimes in life, everything is all about timing! Just like comedy, timing can be everything and make the difference between a huge accident and a positive life-changing event. This Memorial Day we went golfing, got there and played, and got off the course just before the crowds and rain came! We went to the movies and got out just before the crowds came. The next day, we took a hike to Wallace Falls and finished just before the rain came. And finally, we bar-b-qued and got everything cooked and finished all at the same time.

For the bar-b-q we grilled hot wings, made fresh corn, and whipped up some secret recipe baked beans, adding such goodies as brown sugar, bacon and carmelized red onions. It turned out to be a wonderful weekend and was full of great timing!


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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