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I had the rare opportunity to explore the catwalk, above the rafters at The Paramount and experience the Wurlitzer.

Paramount drums

I was able to climb the steep ladders, crawl over the top of the ceiling, 4 floors above the stage, walk the catwalk and see all of the amazing instruments that are played when the Wurlitzer is engaged inside The Paramount theater.  The Wurlitzer is an amazing organ, only a few are left in the world.  There is one at The Paramount in Seattle.  When the Wurlitzer keys are pressed on the organ, air currents are shuttled throughout the theater, forcing the individual instruments to play, such as drums, horns, dulciana, chrysoglot and even a harp.  The sound comes through the louvers in the wall so that the entire theater reverberates as if an orchestra were playing.  It was a wonderful experience and this instrument and the organ itself, as well as the theater, are a marvel of technology and history, even though they were invented and built 100 years ago!  I have a new love and respect for both.

Paramount horns

Thanks Phil, the caretaker, for this great experience!


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Spending time in nature with no coverage bars is important for me.

Getting out and spending time in nature with no internet, wifi, computer access or coverage bars or signal on my smart phone is critical for me.  In order to maintain my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, I need to spend time out in nature, away from technology.  There is no better place to do this than high up in the mountains, out in the woods, surround by rushing rivers, quiet and purity.

This is what I am doing this weekend, an escape from crowding.  I am at high elevation in a pine forest, surrounded by serenity, open sky, clear air, wild animals, no traffic or computers or offices and plenty of peace and quiet.  I am far from the daily commute and hustle of the daily grind.  This is my paradise and as long as I can come here frequently, I can maintain my personal balance and remain healthy and inspired.



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What if bald eagles could text?

What if bald eagles could text?  I often wonder what animals say to each other, how they communicate and what means are available to them.  These days we have so many ways as humans of communicating, from text, chat, twitter, snapchat, facebook and even the old fashioned phone call.  But are our ways of communication as effective as eagles?  Are the ways eagles talk to each other more rich and enlightening than humans?

I have found now that I have a teenager that texting has actually improved my communication with my son.  Without text, I would have to try to call my son all the time and hope he answered and he would have to do the same with me.  If not I would have to leave a message and wonder and worry while I wait for him to call back.  But now, I can immediately find out where he is, who he is with and that he is ok, in seconds, just by texting with him.  Texting has improved our already great communication and I find between my son and I, we soar with the eagles when we text each other.

bald eagle on ship


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I recently went for 24-hours without a cell phone and it was great!

Remember when everyone didn’t have smart phones, or even cell phones?  Remember when there was a pay phone on every corner?  Remember before Youtube when very few people or even businesses had a website?  Well, recently, my smart phone broke and I found myself without a cell phone for twenty-four hours.  Ironically, I found myself in the very location where I had last made a pay phone call, in Fremont, WA.  It was ten years ago that I last used a pay phone, to answer a message from my home phone about returning a call for confirming a job interview I had.  The even funnier thing was that the pay phone that I had used was no longer there!

Life was good with no smart phone. I didn’t have to update my status, search sports scores, watch the latest video on Youtube, check the weather or monitor the traffic before I left.  It was a very freeing experience!  I even carried on a great conversation for a long time with a total stranger, in person!  I miss those days when life was not only simpler, but I believe, more meaningful, when people actually “talked” to each other, mostly in person.   I was at a restaurant and six people were sitting at a table together in silence, all of them with their heads buried in their smart phones.  How sad!  What has our society become?  We need to get back to simple things and conversations, which will improve our relationships!





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