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Amazing grilled cheese and soup!

Yes, that’s goldfish in this wonderful tomato basil soup with creme fresh.  The salad has a lovely balsamic dressing on it.  And the sandwich is actually macaroni and cheese on a grilled cheese.  This is amazing comfort food on a gloomy, misty day in the northwest.  It was fantastic!

grilled cheese


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I am a fool for Pho!

That’s right, I made Pho again and I am a fool for it, as I love it so!  First, I started out with some chicken broth.  You can do this from a can, packet or scratch it up from bouillon.  Next, add some sautéed chicken pieces, chunk or shredded; either is fine. Then I add the Pho noodles.  Garnish it with white and green onions.  If you don’t like onions, add some peeled, roasted red pepper.  Than add some fresh basil leaves and fresh, chopped cilantro.  Finally, finish it off with some sauces.  Hoison is a good plum sauce that will give the soup body.  Siracha is a good hot sauce, that you can add to your own taste, the more, the spicier!

I love this soup because it is a meal and a soup, combing Vietnamese and Thai cooking.  It is wholesome, healthy, and great for a cold day.  It will clear your sinuses, fill your tummy and improve your outlook.  Have some Pho today!


All words and photos copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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