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Here is my latest reading of my novel on Youtube:

“On His Majesty’s Secret Service”:



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Here is the first page of my novel, “On His Majesty’s Secret Service.”



Black Kiss


     He attempted to strike her but she parried and sent a kick into his midsection.  He fell back onto the coffee table, smashing it to pieces.  He leapt back to his feet and rushed at her.  She attempted another kick but he parried this time, grasping her foot and sending her flying, twisting, crashing into the wall.  He pulled out his pistol and as he fired, she rolled onto the floor.  He stopped, smiled, then moved slowly toward her in self praise, glad of his accomplishment.  But as he bent down, she slid her leg…

ohmss cover

All words and book cover designs copyright 2012 by Eddie Edwards.


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