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Did our poor economy lower our morals or did our lowered morals tank our economy?

So I was at the gas pump the other day, getting raped again by ludicrous gas prices, and I began to wonder if our poor economy was the result of our lowered morals or if our lowered morals tanked our economy?  Remember when we used to get big candy bars, hamburgers and giant portions of food for so little money?  Now every plate seems to be larceny.  And walking out of the grocery store with two bags used to cost twenty bucks, now it costs fifty!  Stamps are ridiculously expensive and so is everything else, which service and quality keeps going down.  Did we reduce our quality and service, lower our morals, just out of greed?  And is that why our economy has tanked?

Or did the greed of the government, nickel and diming us over everything, cause us to be ignorant, oblivious, inconsiderate people as drivers on the road?  Is our poor economy why everyone wants to sue everyone and sleep with everyone’s wife, get people in trouble, back-stab and passively aggressively attack everyone?  We need to open our eyes and start behaving like humans again.  And let’s give more to the poor, help people out, lower our prices and give people a bargain once in a while.  Life is not about things, it’s about people, so take care of everyone else first and be generous.



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