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Scientists de-planetized Pluto for money!

What an amazing discovery!  That Pluto is suddenly not big enough to be a planet.  Or is this just another scam perpetuated by scientists, like dinosaurs, to create more revenue for their clique?  Think about how much media coverage, advertisement dollars, thesis papers, articles and books have been generated on this subject and how much money has been made.

Why can’t scientists just accept their position and not keep inventing fantasy and trying to make it reality?   If they can’t honestly earn a living, they should choose another occupation.  There are enough wonders in the cosmos and new discoveries in medicine and nature that the scientists don’t need to fabricate things just to make a buck.


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Dinosaurs never existed!

Dinosaurs are an invention by scientists to create revenue and a ploy to perpetuate scientists’ careers.  They created the whole idea, manufactured fake bones, buried them in choice locations that agreed on the ploy for a share of the profits, then tipped off their friends on the potential “day of discovery.”

Even Carbon dating has been disproved by individuals who buried hard boiled chicken eggs then had a scientist come out and test them, with the scientist not k owing these were ordinary eggs front two weeks ago,  and the scientist dated them at a million years! If you believe in Dinosaurs then you probably believe humans have walked on the moon!20160826_111310.jpg

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