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In life many people never look up.  They just look straight ahead or look down.  I find it’s always good to look up.  Enjoy the sun and moon, the sky, clouds, the sunset, moon set, sunrise and moon rise.  And every Summer, living here in Seattle, it’s good to look up and see the Blue Angels that fly over every Seafair festival.




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Life can often come down to perspective making all the difference. How w

e see things, how we see others, can be the deciding factor between success or failure, friendship or enmity, a lost opportunity or a friend for life.

This period in my life has been crazy busy. I am moving fast in my new job, recording albums, talking with agents and publishers, performing live,  writing books, running festivals and working with book cover artists.  Through this growth period I have been experimenting with altering perspectives and it is changing my life!

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I am always looking for a challenge, inspiration and adventure!

I am very grateful for my life and I love the way I live it.  But to keep my creative juices flowing, to expand my soul and increase my intellect, I am constantly looking for new challenges, inspirations and adventures.  I find that a challenge causes me not only to push myself further, but teaches me new things and puts me under pressure to perform.  I love to be under pressure and to perform and I am at my best when I am doing just that.  A new challenge also keeps me from becoming complacent.

Not only as a globally published novelist, but also as a world traveler and a man of many talents, I am always looking for new inspirations as well.  Inspirations come in many forms in my life, from visiting a new place, to meeting new people, finding a new restaurant, to seeing a landscape for the first time or seeing a film where people are living on an inspiration and striving to be part of something bigger than themselves.  This makes me put myself on the line and reach out in a new endeavor or inspires me to write about something even more meaningful.

And finally, adventure has always been something that tugs at the very essence of my being.  Whether it is a trip to a new place, or a trip to a place I’ve visiting before but has always inspired me, I am up for the experience.  Even a new relationship can be an adventure that draws me in and makes me soar to new heights.  I will always live for a new challenge, inspiration and adventure and I hope you will too!

fire tower bird

Words and photo copyright 2014 by Eddie Edwards.


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