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Movember is upon us for men’s cancer awareness and research.

Movember is the way we raise awareness for men’s cancer and raise money for men’s cancer research.  We men grow mustaches of all sorts, shapes and sizes to raise this awareness.  And we post our photos and raise money through the website for movember.com

Movember was made popular by athletes and especially hockey players.  I am a hockey player, mentor, coach, referee and seminar instructor which is how I became acquainted with Movember.  I have participated and promoted Movember ever since. I hope you will join me and the millions around the world in raising awareness and money and hopefully one day finding a cure for not only all men’s cancer but all cancer all over the world.

Air Force

Here’s me for Movember then…


…and now!


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Help me raise money for men’s prostate cancer this Movember!

Join me in raising money for men’s prostate cancer this Movember!  November is the month we call Movember and this is an annual fund raiser to help find cures for many different cancer that affects only men, including prostate cancer.  This is a very popular fund raiser among myself and my hockey community:  All of us officials, players, coaches, mentors and USA Hockey certified seminar instructors, like myself, participate in this each year.  Start by growing facial hair and spreading the word.  Then you can go to this website to get involved and find out more:



ref movember 1

Yep, that’s me, the Iron Man, Every Day Eddie hockey referee!



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