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Magic of the seasons

As we move into the seasons and holidays of Halloween, All Saint’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are many changes in the weather, the color of the trees, the leaves falling, the days shortening and the nights becoming darker, longer and colder.  I am also aware of much more magic in the air, the energy of spirits, of the power of nature and the reminder of human kindness and to treat each other warmly, not just now but all year long.

Let us not forget to decorate, celebrate and enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones.  If you go to church, be sure to go regularly.  If you know a veteran, thank them and shower them with food and gifts.  Be thankful for all you have and be grateful to those you may take for granted.  Magic is all around us and in us and sometimes all it takes is a word, a gesture, a smile or a deed to let it flow to everyone.


Photo taken at Clophill church, England.

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Medieval architecture lives on in the Northwest of America.

As a lover of quests, travel, discovery, scavenger hunts, exploring and relic hunting, I find many things that are not on travel brochures and are off the tourist’s routes.  This most recent trip to Oregon, I discovered a medieval cathedral that has been built into a restaurant and decorated inside most exquisitely.  There are large stone towers, in which medieval nooks with benches and table have been set up.  There are floor to ceiling tapestries and coats of arms, as well as knights standing guard in full armor.  This is truly a place everyone should visit.  It is called John Barleycorns, the name reflecting both nature and magic, which this establishment embodies.




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Humming Birds and Thunder Storms…we live for these rare and little things, these magical moments.

We live our lives and participate in such great historical events and even find ourselves, well, at least I do, on television and in the paper as a professional official.  And in so doing, I am constantly in the limelight, working a high pressure position and maintaining a high profile career.  And I love my position and I love the pressure and attention, as I work better under pressure and enjoy performing in front of crowds, even live, international crowds.

But there are also little things in my life that I love and that I live for:  These little things, these rare occurrences, these magical moments, including the thunder and lightning storm that happened the other house where I live in Seattle.  It was an amazing spectacle, a display of awesome power and the beauty of nature.  And later that week, as I sat outside on my deck enjoying the summer sun, a humming bird came by to enjoy the giant daisies in my garden.  These little moments, as well as the big moments, I both love and live for and relish.

tillamook light house

Words and photo copyright 2015 by Eddie Edwards.

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My Celtic nation

As a member of the Celtic nation, I meet fellow members everywhere I go.  I see their artwork come through in tattoos, signs and billboards.  The ancient culture devised by my forefathers is even more prevalent now that it was in the dark dawn of time, centuries ago.

I am proud to be Welsh, to be part of the Celtic nation, and to have visited my home country of Wales and the other Celtic countries in Europe.  All I need to do to remember is to look around and see my Celtic brothers and sisters and their signs everywhere.  This particular sign I found in the Cornelius Pass Road House in Oregon.  It is, like my Celtic nation, wonderful, magical, mystical, artistic and beautiful in every way.

Celtic from CPR

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Autumnal equinox

Now that we have reached the autumnal equinox, I can definitely feel the change in the air.  The sun is setting sooner and each day seems to be cooler.  I am back at school teaching again, but this time, at the High School!  It is exhilarating and rewarding and I love this time of year!

There is a certain magic and eeriness about the autumn that I love.  I feel as if powers that are not prevalent in the warmer months are now exuding from the very forest and moving in toward our houses with each new mist that rises.

I am also cooking more again, which I seem to do more frequently when the weather is cooler.  Hockey is on tv and I am on the ice, officiating hockey more frequently each week.  I see that some of the leaves are changing color and the pumpkins in the fields are ripening.  Bring on the Autumn!



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