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Why are people always after Amontillado these days!

Why are people always after Amontillado these days?  They are so passive aggressive.  For no apparent reason, they want to lure you off for some Amontillado and then wall you up like in the Edgar Allen Poe story.  People are so false to your face, assuring you everything is fine.  Then, for some unknown offense you have apparently given them, they want to try to get you fired, sue you, or take you off to try a glass from a cask of Amontillado and wall you up to die!

Is it because our society today has become such a stranger to common sense, which can’t be taught?  Is it because our society has become a stranger to reason, logic and common courtesy?  Just ten minutes driving on the road can illustrate to anyone how inconsiderate everyone has become.  We need to open our eyes and stop lashing out at everyone with vengeance in response to the least of offenses.  We need to forgive, forget and move on.  Our insane sense of entitlement should result in not doing harm to our fellow man but in realizing we only live once and to treat each other with love and respect before our brief candles are blown out.


Words and photo copyright 2014 by Eddie Edwards.


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