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Summer is a good time to visit ice caves!

This hot summer is a good time to visit the ice caves.  It is a beautiful drive about an hour and a half from our house.  The hike out into the mountains is lovely.  And the reward is the ice caves!  They are a marvel to look at.  The waterfalls that feed them from far up on the cliffs are beautiful as well.  And the cool air that rushes from out of them is most welcome on a hot summer day.  We visited them on a hot summer day this month and it was amazing.  I can’t wait to go back.  It was like being in the cave of Caerbannog, only without the ravenous rabbit!



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I just wrote a poem.

I have been so focused lately on writing and publishing my novels that I haven’t written a poem in a while.  But I just wrote a poem, so here it is:


I’m sure I saw an angel today

She glided with grace, clad in white

She smiled at me more than twice

And bent her gaze upon my face

I felt the hand of God descend

Instilling in me the confidence

To remain open to all powerful ends

And never stop believing in things

There is a higher purpose than me

Something that’s bigger to see

A calling that stirs within my being

That ignites my soul to higher seeing

So when my life is said and done

And I’ve made the most and won

It will be said of me the sun

Has shone on me and much has grown

My life has produced a wealth of things

Accomplishments that shine and sing

So many peaks that I have climbed

Make my life fulfilled and sublime


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Kindness Matters

Kindness matters.  I was going to get on the train the other morning and the station where I scan my card before boarding the train had a rock on top of it.  On this rock was painted, “Kindness Matters.”  I have included a picture of it.

Kindness does matter.  In this day and age when everyone is so selfish and spoiled with instant gratification, this is a good time to stop and be kind to someone, put someone else before yourself, give instead of receiving and remember that we are all a part of the human race.  The purpose of our race is to take care of each other.



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Please support the Community Health Plan of Washington

This organization is doing great things to change the community and the world and make life better!


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No one wants to take the blame these days.

Why is it that no one wants to take the blame these days?  No one wants to admit they are wrong, say they are sorry, accept responsibility for their mistakes.  What has happened to our world?  Why are we so lacking in courage to admit to ourselves and to everyone else when we have erred?

Perhaps in this society that encourages failure, quitting, shirking responsibility and seeking out only what feels good, we are being brain washed into thinking not only are mistakes acceptable and avoiding consequences for them, but it is now the norm.  It is time we mature and accept the responsibilities of our own failures and mistakes, admit them, and then learn from them and grow.  It is only in this manner that we can become complete human beings and live the way we were meant to live.  Then we can be a beacon, a lighthouse to others.hike 2


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Holiday Season

Although we take time to be thankful during the holiday season, we should be thankful all year long!  There are so many things I have to be thankful for this holiday season, and all year long:  My family, my company, my work, my new house, the songs and albums I have recorded in multiple studios, the multiple books I have written and published that I have now surpassed Charles Dickens, the festivals I have helped organize and run, Christmas snow, road trips, vacation, my man cave, my new giant tv, my new grill, being able to work often from home, taking the train to work, and so many other little things that I blush with how blessed I have been and still am.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be thankful all year long and never forget how blessed I have been and how blessed I am every day.



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Spending time in nature with no coverage bars is important for me.

Getting out and spending time in nature with no internet, wifi, computer access or coverage bars or signal on my smart phone is critical for me.  In order to maintain my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, I need to spend time out in nature, away from technology.  There is no better place to do this than high up in the mountains, out in the woods, surround by rushing rivers, quiet and purity.

This is what I am doing this weekend, an escape from crowding.  I am at high elevation in a pine forest, surrounded by serenity, open sky, clear air, wild animals, no traffic or computers or offices and plenty of peace and quiet.  I am far from the daily commute and hustle of the daily grind.  This is my paradise and as long as I can come here frequently, I can maintain my personal balance and remain healthy and inspired.



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