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Life can often come down to perspective making all the difference. How w

e see things, how we see others, can be the deciding factor between success or failure, friendship or enmity, a lost opportunity or a friend for life.

This period in my life has been crazy busy. I am moving fast in my new job, recording albums, talking with agents and publishers, performing live,  writing books, running festivals and working with book cover artists.  Through this growth period I have been experimenting with altering perspectives and it is changing my life!


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Serenity by the sea

I have always found that traveling or walking beside the sea has given me peace and serenity.  Now in my life that I have so many challenges and so many exciting new opportunities, I have found returning to the sea to be stimulating, therapeutic and inspiring.

As I raise my teenager, play in a live band and record studio songs, pursue a new aspect of my job, continue as a professional sports official, publish a current book and begin writing a new one, write a new song and travel the world again, I find the sea is my constant companion and muse.


Words and photos, copyright 2016 by Edward J. Edwards


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I feel like I am “Niggle” creating my “Leaf.”

As I finished my most recent novel, and started work on my new one, I felt like “Niggle” in that story by J.R.R. Tolkien called “Leaf by Niggle.”  I realized that as I read it so many years ago that Tolkien was talking about an artist, Niggle, and in many ways was referring to himself.  The great work that Tolkien was working on, building, constructing, make with his artistic talent for writing was his “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and the history that was behind it in “The Silmarillion.”  At the time, I didn’t fully get his meaning, but most of it resonated with me.

Recently, I realized something new about “Niggle” and his “Leaf,” and that is that my work, writing my novels, is bigger than me and eventually, all my books that I have written combined are my life, and my life has become my books.  I live my life and go about my other duties and experiences, sometimes postponing the work I do on my books, but I always come back and write more, adding, building, my literary body of work which is my life.  And I know one day I will live in my work, in a metaphysical way.  This realization has inspired me to never give up writing and has given me new hope of what a wonderful world I have created with my books and that is a legacy that all will enjoy and benefit from, long after I am gone.

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