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I had the rare opportunity to explore the catwalk, above the rafters at The Paramount and experience the Wurlitzer.

Paramount drums

I was able to climb the steep ladders, crawl over the top of the ceiling, 4 floors above the stage, walk the catwalk and see all of the amazing instruments that are played when the Wurlitzer is engaged inside The Paramount theater.  The Wurlitzer is an amazing organ, only a few are left in the world.  There is one at The Paramount in Seattle.  When the Wurlitzer keys are pressed on the organ, air currents are shuttled throughout the theater, forcing the individual instruments to play, such as drums, horns, dulciana, chrysoglot and even a harp.  The sound comes through the louvers in the wall so that the entire theater reverberates as if an orchestra were playing.  It was a wonderful experience and this instrument and the organ itself, as well as the theater, are a marvel of technology and history, even though they were invented and built 100 years ago!  I have a new love and respect for both.

Paramount horns

Thanks Phil, the caretaker, for this great experience!


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The world has changed, but some things haven’t.

So many things have changed in the world these days.  There is so much that is instant and artificial, computer generated and inhumane.  Google has removed our desire and passion to travel and find new places, to make our own decisions, and to reach out and communicate with each other.  Our children spend more time in front of computers or on smart phones and we spend more time watching netflicks then we spend sitting down together at family meals and talking with each other.

But there are some things that fortunately have remained the same.  There is still art, love, nature and invention.  When we look around we are reminded of what is real and important in life and we remember to keep in contact and in conversation with each other.  We remember to not forget affection and kindness, the comforting sound of a voice and the reassurance of a smile and a hug.  We see art that has endured and nature that returns each season without fail.  We see ancient icons and memorials invented in previous centuries still standing strong.  And we remember what we should really be living for.

Seattle Market

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually in Nineveh…

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually in Nineveh and not Babylon, and they were built by Sennacherib, not by Nebuchadnezzar.  It’s interesting how much of history is skewed, since it is written typically by usurpers and people who have hanged heroes and taken credit for what they did not invent, stealing the fame of those who actually deserved the credit and were worthy, but were snubbed out of jealousy.

The Hanging Gardens were a marvel of the world and the way in which the water was carried uphill to water the great fruit tree groves was genius.  Even the aqueducts Sennacherib built were a marvel, centuries before the Romans came.  Senacherib actually invented the Archimedes screw, centuries before Archimedes was born!  When reading history, one must always consider that certain people have been dispossessed of the credit they deserve and one must dig deeper to find the truth.  I hope one day I can invent something as amazing to enchant the world as Senacherib’s Hanging Gardens.



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