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Poetry is flowing out of me!

Here is one I just wrote:


Raven parts her mouth in heat

Black feathers shining shimmering

Blinding now with eyes ebony

She turns her gaze to paralyze me

I sense her hunger, feel her heat

Taste her breath deep inside of me

With a word she steals my soul

Transforming me like crops culled

If she swoops upon me now

I have no defense against her prowl

Her appetite consumes me whole

She is sweet to me like profiterole

Succulent her fruit it dangles

She spell binds me into tangles

I don’t ever want to be free

From her hands, her voice, for eternity!

7-11-17, Seattle





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Spending time in nature with no coverage bars is important for me.

Getting out and spending time in nature with no internet, wifi, computer access or coverage bars or signal on my smart phone is critical for me.  In order to maintain my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health, I need to spend time out in nature, away from technology.  There is no better place to do this than high up in the mountains, out in the woods, surround by rushing rivers, quiet and purity.

This is what I am doing this weekend, an escape from crowding.  I am at high elevation in a pine forest, surrounded by serenity, open sky, clear air, wild animals, no traffic or computers or offices and plenty of peace and quiet.  I am far from the daily commute and hustle of the daily grind.  This is my paradise and as long as I can come here frequently, I can maintain my personal balance and remain healthy and inspired.



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People in over 100 countries have viewed my blog!

I am so blessed to have had people in over 100 countries around the world view my blog, view my YouTube videos and purchase my books on the Amazon worldwide Kindle app.  There are 196 countries in the world total so that means over half the world knows my name!  I am so excited, honored and humbled all at the same time.  This is such a confirmation of my passion for writing and an inspiration to keep writing.  I am currently working on writing two new novels at the same time.

In addition to my blog and novel writing, I have also begun writing journalism again and have joined the Society of Professional Journalists.  Journalism requires a good deal of research, which I already employ in my true crime books and novels, so the relationship there has already had a good foundation and continues to blossom.  Thanks everyone and keep writing and blogging!

Here is the flag of Maldives, one of the newest countries to read my blog, watch my YouTube videos and purchase my books:

maldives flag

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Going back to school in style…

Our stylish, historical school building has been joined by some brand new buildings to add even more style to our entire school campus.  I am so happy to be back at school and to hear all the great things students did over the summer.  And I am eager to share my summer adventures with them.

I am also amazed at how much so many students have grown, changed and become young men and women.  It is truly inspiring.  It has been a good start to the school year already and with the great Indian Summer weather, it has been nourishing to the soul as well.,



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It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote, “What little I’ve accomplished…”

It was F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote, “What little I’ve accomplished has been by the most laborious and uphill work, and I wish now I’d never released for looked back — I’ve found my line — from now on…my writing…comes first.  This is my immediate duty — without this I am nothing.”

I totally can understand and identify with what he said!  I get so many ideas and inspirations for books to write that I must write them all done or I will go insane!  The characters seem to invent themselves and the stories write themselves but they use me as an instrument and I must obey or go mad!  But writing is what I love to do most so I will continue to do so, being even more prolific with my 17 novels then even F. Scott Fitzgerald himself!


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It was Dylan Thomas who wrote, “Wild men…

It was Dylan Thomas who wrote, “Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, and learned too late they grieved it on its way, do not go gentle into that night.”

I took this as an inspiration to not go gentle into any situation, meaning that I will not give up or give in, I will always strive to succeed and better myself, to do kind things to my fellow-man, and only compromise if both parties benefit good and reap a fair result.  As I look around me at the Spring, with the new saplings, flowers in my garden, fresh, young leaves and buds on the bushes, plants and trees, and all the world bursting into life, I can’t help but be filled with energy and inspiration!  I look up at the bright blue sky and can feel and smell the warm sun, and I Spring forth into this new season and new period in my life.  Follow me!


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I am weary of this planet…

I long to find another place, somewhere higher!  I feel like Beethoven, Rembrandt (which, by the way, is his first name) and Eddie Allen Poe!  I feel that my fellow-man does not understand my genius and talent.  That my fellow dwellers here on earth do not appreciate my insight and vision.  But I don’t want to end up dying penniless like my fellow three great artists I mentioned above.  I don’t want to wait until my dotage like Tolkien, or even until after my death, to be rich and famous for my art.  I want to be loved and understood now, here!

People are so angry and rude to each other.  Everyone is oblivious of their fellow-man and are greedy, suing for everything, while the prices go through the ceiling and the quantity and service goes down through the floor.  Even now in this Spring the clouds are heavy and the rain pours down.  The sun has not shown his head for many days and I am weary.  I want to find warmth and inspiration again.  I want to feel exhilarated and know that this life is worth living and to discover new hope…


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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