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Help bring war criminals to justice.

Please join me in helping to bring war criminals to justice.  There are many out there who are living free when they should be punished and imprisoned.  Many who are cowards and guilty of war crimes, slavery, atrocities, genocide and crimes against humanity are walking free.  We need to do all we can to identify them and bring them to justice.  New DNA evidence is facilitating that process but we need your help.  If you have information please come forward. We understand that you are concerned with your safety, and if you so desire,  share the information you have with authorities anonymously.  Anything you can do to help is much appreciated.  Thank you for helping to bring closure, resolution, healing and justice.  Together we can all become heroes.

Air Force



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Nature teaches us what is important.

So many people spend their life looking down into their smart phones instead of looking out at nature or up at the sky.  Nature teaches us what is important.  Look at the animals and see how their focus is on their families, gathering food for them, building shelter for them.  Animals have their priorities in order, but sometimes we humans don’t.

Look at the seals playing in the ocean.  They are together, always, and having fun, enjoying nature and all that it provides.  We need to learn from this and remember to take time out just to have fun, enjoy some recreation, never losing that childlike side of our existence.

Finally, we see the waves and wakes that are cut into the ocean by boats that look like wounds that leave scars.  But in time, these are covered up, healed and all but disappear.  This is nature’s way of teaching us to forgive, forget, not hold grudges, move on, because life is short.  Thank goodness nature teaches us and reminds us what is important.



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Remember your mother

As mother’s day fast approaches, remember your mother and all she did for you and still does for you.  Even if your relationship was the best and the strongest with your mother, never forget that she carried you for nine months and gave birth to you, with much pain and determination, courage and love.

Life is too short to hold grudges.  Even if you think your mother doesn’t love you anymore, she does.  Even if you haven’t spoken to your mother in years, speak to her now.  We could all be dead tomorrow.  Start the healing now.  Reach out to her and bring healing.  Even after transgression, there is still confession and redemption.


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