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I am having a great Veteran’s Day!

It was so nice to have the time to smoke some brisket on the grill, then prepare it in my own creation of maple, bacon, brisket pasta!









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Gallons of chili

This is the first time I made gallons of chili!  But it was fun.  And it was for a great cause.  I made 2 gallons of my buffalo chicken chili for the Washington Multi Family Housing Authority chili cook off, to benefit Dawnrising.org and all victims of domestic violence.  I did this as a representative of my company, Avenue5 Residential.  Our theme for our booth was Andy’s Room from Toy Story and I was dressed up as Woody.

Everyone loved my chili, came to our booth asking for it by name, and stood in line to wait for a sample of it.  For presentation I served it with a stalk of celery and a sprinkle of cheese.  My chili was so popular, I ran out of chili just after judging was completed.  I made the semi finals but didn’t win a prize for my chili…this year.  We’ll get them next year!



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So I cooked up some Schnitzel!

I cooked up some unbreaded Jaeger Schnitzel with cheese, spaetzle and mushroom gravy from scratch.  Das gut, yah!  Happy Oktoberfest!




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Nothing like an Irish Breakfast

There’s nothing like an Irish Breakfast on a chilly Autumn day!

irish breakfast

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Portland Eats

On a recent trip to Portland, I discovered they have amazing food culture there.  I was able to sample various establishments, food trucks and restaurants.  The one that impressed me the most was Laurelhurst Meat Market.  They had amazing salads, pate and steaks.  I highly recommend it!

laurelhurst menu




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Amazing grilled cheese and soup!

Yes, that’s goldfish in this wonderful tomato basil soup with creme fresh.  The salad has a lovely balsamic dressing on it.  And the sandwich is actually macaroni and cheese on a grilled cheese.  This is amazing comfort food on a gloomy, misty day in the northwest.  It was fantastic!

grilled cheese

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