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With the publication of my novel “Benedict Benedictus,” I have reached a mile stone.

When I published “Benedict Benedictus” on the worldwide Amazon Kindle store, not only was it my 19th novel that I have written and published, it was also a mile stone for me.  With 19 total novels, not including screenplays and stage plays that I have written, I have published over 3,500 pages and over 680,000 words!

I currently am working on three other new novels that I will be publishing over the next few years.  As my readership has grown global, covering all continents and over 60 countries, I am so humbled and overjoyed at the love my readers have shown me.  My most recent letters and e-mails from readers expressed how my new book, “Benedict Benedictus” was both “very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable.”  Thanks again everyone for making all my writing worthwhile and rewarding!




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