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The world has changed, but some things haven’t.

So many things have changed in the world these days.  There is so much that is instant and artificial, computer generated and inhumane.  Google has removed our desire and passion to travel and find new places, to make our own decisions, and to reach out and communicate with each other.  Our children spend more time in front of computers or on smart phones and we spend more time watching netflicks then we spend sitting down together at family meals and talking with each other.

But there are some things that fortunately have remained the same.  There is still art, love, nature and invention.  When we look around we are reminded of what is real and important in life and we remember to keep in contact and in conversation with each other.  We remember to not forget affection and kindness, the comforting sound of a voice and the reassurance of a smile and a hug.  We see art that has endured and nature that returns each season without fail.  We see ancient icons and memorials invented in previous centuries still standing strong.  And we remember what we should really be living for.

Seattle Market


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The resilience of Spring is like the human spirit!

Even though I have had snow at my house last week, the flowers that had already come up survived!  After several more days and nights of frost, they have endured.  Now more flowers are springing up and soon their petals will open now that they safely know Winter is finally over and Spring is here to stay.

Spring is like the human spirit in its resiliency.  No matter what life throws at us, whether it is physical challenges, emotional stress, financial burdens, trying situations, loss of loved ones or any other thing, we have the power to overcome, to learn, grown, and endure.  Don’t ever give up when you think of what others have gone through and that worse things have happened to better people than us.  Keep Springing!


Words and photos copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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