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I recently went for 24-hours without a cell phone and it was great!

Remember when everyone didn’t have smart phones, or even cell phones?  Remember when there was a pay phone on every corner?  Remember before Youtube when very few people or even businesses had a website?  Well, recently, my smart phone broke and I found myself without a cell phone for twenty-four hours.  Ironically, I found myself in the very location where I had last made a pay phone call, in Fremont, WA.  It was ten years ago that I last used a pay phone, to answer a message from my home phone about returning a call for confirming a job interview I had.  The even funnier thing was that the pay phone that I had used was no longer there!

Life was good with no smart phone. I didn’t have to update my status, search sports scores, watch the latest video on Youtube, check the weather or monitor the traffic before I left.  It was a very freeing experience!  I even carried on a great conversation for a long time with a total stranger, in person!  I miss those days when life was not only simpler, but I believe, more meaningful, when people actually “talked” to each other, mostly in person.   I was at a restaurant and six people were sitting at a table together in silence, all of them with their heads buried in their smart phones.  How sad!  What has our society become?  We need to get back to simple things and conversations, which will improve our relationships!






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