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I recently took a road trip with my son.

We drove together from Seattle down to Portland.  He drove all the way, in his car.  We listened to each other’s music, talked about everything from his job to my job, friends to career, to cars and girls.  It was a very rewarding time and we learned a great deal about each other.

We have been very close, my son and I, since the day he was born and he spent the first night in this world sleeping on my chest.  But as he has grown and become a young adult, we have found there are different things we both like.  Even though he is my mini me just as I was my father’s mini me, this trip solidified our closeness and gave us even more great memories together. I highly recommend each parent take a road trip with each of their children.



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Classic British cars remind us of the art and charm of driving!

I was on a wine and chocolate tour recently and ran into a group of Triumph enthusiasts.  Their cars reminded me of my first British sports car that I owned and how I fell in love with driving a stick shift.  It also reminded me of the art and charm of driving.

I  now drive an American sports car, still with a stick, although mine has six speeds now, and I still love driving a manual transmission.  Having a sports car with lots of horse power certainly adds to the fun, along with that feline growl my car makes every time I shift.  So here’s to British and American sports cars!  Cheers!


All words and phots copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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