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Why do the history books lie to us?

Why do the history books lie to us?  Why do they tell us that Christopher Columbus discovered America when Leif Erikson did 400 years before Columbus was born.  Why do they tell us we walked on the moon when we didn’t, nor did the Russians.  Maybe that’s one of the reasons why JFK was shot, because he lied to us.  Why do they tell us that Lincoln freed the slaves out of emancipation when he only did it to gain more soldiers to fight for the Union Army?  Maybe that’s one of the reasons Lincoln was shot.

Why don’t they tell us that F.D.R. knew about the imminent attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese but he didn’t do anything about it.  Was it because he let it happen so that the U.S. was justified for entering World War II.  And what about Bush knowing about the attacks that were about to happen on 9-11.  And why did we forget to mention that while Nazis were killing Jews and Russians were killing just as many Slavs that America was killing and imprisoning Japanese.  It’s time for us all to open our eyes and see the reality of our government and society.  Oh, and wasn’t the Vietnam war all about drugs anyway?

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