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Most people don’t want to be the sidekick.

Most people don’t want to be the sidekick.  Most people want to be the hero.  Everyone wants attention.  But when most people are in a situation where they are not the hero and someone else is, they often react to the person who was the hero with resentment, jealousy, disdain and even retaliation.  This is all wrong.  When someone else is the hero we need to be gracious, show them encouragement, congratulate them, praise them and be happy for them.  Just be patient.  You’ll get plenty of more chances to be the hero and you’ll get more attention.

We all need to show more grace these days.  Let someone go ahead of you in line. Hold the door for someone.  Let someone who is waiting turn in front of you.  If you do, you’ll see others follow your example and you will pay it forward, making society and the world a better place.  Remember we are all human, we are all mortal, we all only get one life and it’s short.  Make the most of it for others as well as yourself.  Albert Einstein said, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”


Words copyright 2016 by E. J. Edwards


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Why is it these days when someone does something wrong and you call them out on it, they don’t admit it and apologize, but instead they retaliate by doing something else wrong?  When did our society become so backwards?  Why can’t people look themselves in the mirror and truly admit their faults as well as their strengths?  Why can’t they accept they have weaknesses and work to improve and overcome them?

All we need is some quiet reflection, alone, away from Smart phones, net flicks, internet, wifi and outside influence.  It is only then that we can contemplate who we really are and what we need to do to strive to improve to make ourselves better people, to better society.  If we can be honest with ourselves, we can never be honest with others and our whole society will become one, endless farse.  Don’t let that happen.


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Why do some people go out of their way to be mean?

I have noticed these days that some people go out of their way to be mean.  Whether it’s in rush hour in a car on the freeway, on a train on the way to work, out in public on a weekend or in the grocery store, some people just strive to be mean.

Why can’t people do what comes natural and just be nice to each other?  Think about what a different world it would be if we all treated each other the way we wanted to be treated?  It could be such a wonderful, peaceful planet full of harmony if we all just went out of our way to be nice to each other.


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