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I just signed a new publishing contract!

I am so excited to be offered a publishing contract for one of my books.  I accepted and signed!  I have already spoken with the artistic director about  my cover.  I spoke with the editor in chief about the content.  And I have spoken to the CEO about being a part of the family of this great publishing company.  Thank you everyone!

publishing contract


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I just wrote a poem.

I have been so focused lately on writing and publishing my novels that I haven’t written a poem in a while.  But I just wrote a poem, so here it is:


I’m sure I saw an angel today

She glided with grace, clad in white

She smiled at me more than twice

And bent her gaze upon my face

I felt the hand of God descend

Instilling in me the confidence

To remain open to all powerful ends

And never stop believing in things

There is a higher purpose than me

Something that’s bigger to see

A calling that stirs within my being

That ignites my soul to higher seeing

So when my life is said and done

And I’ve made the most and won

It will be said of me the sun

Has shone on me and much has grown

My life has produced a wealth of things

Accomplishments that shine and sing

So many peaks that I have climbed

Make my life fulfilled and sublime


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My books are now available in paperback!

Get yours today!



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My book is selling fast…get a copy here!

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Holiday Season

Although we take time to be thankful during the holiday season, we should be thankful all year long!  There are so many things I have to be thankful for this holiday season, and all year long:  My family, my company, my work, my new house, the songs and albums I have recorded in multiple studios, the multiple books I have written and published that I have now surpassed Charles Dickens, the festivals I have helped organize and run, Christmas snow, road trips, vacation, my man cave, my new giant tv, my new grill, being able to work often from home, taking the train to work, and so many other little things that I blush with how blessed I have been and still am.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be thankful all year long and never forget how blessed I have been and how blessed I am every day.



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Ironically, as I complete a multitude of changes not only for this month but for this year of 2016, David Bowie, a fellow Welshman and musician, who wrote the song, “Changes,” has passed away.  I have found myself reflecting on the many changes I have experienced in the past and all of the countries I have lived in, jobs I have held and careers I have pursued.  I have played many songs both live and recorded on many stages and in many studios.  I have written and published many books.  And I have adapted and overcome many things to be where I am now.

I can honestly say that I have never been happier.  All of the new things that have come my way this month and year have been wonderful, fun, exciting, challenging, different, unique, memorable and have helped me to grow into an even more diverse and better person than I have ever been before.  I want to just savor this right now, before I launch into the next exciting, new and fast-paced phase in my life, and take time to smell the flowers.


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Now on, a sinister sale on my seethingly dark tales:


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