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Thanks to everyone who made Upstream a success!

This was a great event, bringing together hundreds of bands, sponsors, art, performers, culture and artists to raise money for arts and culture in Seattle.

I want to thank everyone from the Seattle Sounders to Bold Hat productions for all that they have organized and contributed.  Thanks to everyone for all that they contributed to this great event and I look forward to participating in this again next year!


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Attending an amazing play in Ashland is so legal!

We had an amazing time watching “The Count of Monte Cristo” live on stage at the Oregon Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon this summer.  It is such a wonderful place, community and is thriving with creative energy so much so that it is palpable. The shops and restaurants there remind me so much of my time I lived in England.  And the Black Sheep pub makes a killer English breakfast.  I recommend this experience to every artist and lover of theater, literature and the arts.


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The world has changed, but some things haven’t.

So many things have changed in the world these days.  There is so much that is instant and artificial, computer generated and inhumane.  Google has removed our desire and passion to travel and find new places, to make our own decisions, and to reach out and communicate with each other.  Our children spend more time in front of computers or on smart phones and we spend more time watching netflicks then we spend sitting down together at family meals and talking with each other.

But there are some things that fortunately have remained the same.  There is still art, love, nature and invention.  When we look around we are reminded of what is real and important in life and we remember to keep in contact and in conversation with each other.  We remember to not forget affection and kindness, the comforting sound of a voice and the reassurance of a smile and a hug.  We see art that has endured and nature that returns each season without fail.  We see ancient icons and memorials invented in previous centuries still standing strong.  And we remember what we should really be living for.

Seattle Market

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Here is the first page of my novel, “The Dutch Muse.”


She smiles at him through the dim gas light and candle smoke. He always works with candles and incense, regardless of time of day. The natural flame brings him closer to nature. The incense awakens all of his senses. It is raining today so he cannot use the day light while he works, but he must see her and so bids her come to his studio every day, rain or shine. She is naked and he is both aroused and inspired as he continues to sketch her. His paints are nearby, as is an empty canvas, but he will not paint her when the sketch is complete, he will sculpt her. The fire burns upon the wide hearth.
“What could be closer to God?” he asks himself. “I sketch, I paint, now I sculpt, imitating my creator and creation.
“Master, I must shift,” she whispers.
“Very well,” he answers. She moves an arm of fairest skin, turns from the profile to mostly frontal, shifts her hips slightly, to reveal both…”



Dutch muse cover 9


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I usually write novels, but today I wrote a poem. I hope you like it!


The hierarchy of nature seems

In nature and in life to be

Run by a conductor unseen

And in many ways it is me

(As if by some magic or simony).

When the unseen hand changes the tide

And sets the sun below the sky

And all of nature returns to hide

And the Zephyr in the breezes sighs;

Reminds me that within my life

Whether in my sports or my child

Either in the classroom or the type

I direct the events in the books I write.

Though many things I can’t control

With each storm and wave I roll

Yet when the chance comes to my soul

I direct the chimes the bell tolls.

Knowing what and what not to do

When I can rest and when to move

Is a gift not many can prove

To have and yet I surely do!



Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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We spent the day at the Art Museum in downtown Seattle.

It was a wonderful, sunny day down by the ocean in downtown Seattle.  The food and drink were tantalizing, the sun on the water was mesmerizing, and the art was edifying!  The exhibit of many Flemish and Dutch Masters painters were on display including originals by Rembrandt!  He is one of my favorite Dutch painters and has the best first name!  I also love Vermeer and it was inspirational, as an artist myself, to see the originals up close and first hand, in person.  It reminded me of my novel, “The Dutch Muse,” that I wrote years ago.

After the museum we tooled around town enjoyed the market, where we watched them throw the fish!  Then we had an awesome dinner at Gordon Biersch and were exhilarated as we walked about and took in the sea air.  It was a wonderful day.


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Please enjoy the first page of my novel, “The Rebel and the Devil,” sequel to “The Mysterious House of Mrs. Hutson.”

“Midsummer’s Day, London, 1888


The gas lamps hissed as the cold rain fell on their hot glass and sputtered and burned, evaporating, collaborating with the mist that already hung about the streets and seemed to flow like ghosts out of side alleys and the drains that led down to the sewers. It was an unusually cold Summer thus far and he pulled his collar up on his trench coat as the rain poured down.  He shuttered and hunched his shoulders against the cold.  Rounding a corner into a particularly dark alley, he thought he saw movement in the misty shadows.  He stopped.  “Who’s there?” he asked the lonely night.  No response…”



Rebel cover

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Please enjoy my editorial debut:

Here is my editorial debut:



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As an artist, a writer, I have been influenced by other great artists!

As an artist, a writer, I have been influenced by other great artists, and not just by other great writers.  Vermeer and Dali, for instance, are two of my favorite painters and have greatly influenced me and even inspired me.  I have several of their paintings around my house, including over my fireplace.  I believe that all great art is connected, like the chapters of a long novel.

I also believe that art is not only an expression but an interpretation of what is all around us:  People, nature, everything.  And each work of art we create is like a leaf on a branch of one great tree that spans the universe and all of time.  Even if your art is cooking, you are contributing to that great work of art that is mankind.  Keep making art everyone!


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I am now writing columns and doing reviews on NBCnews.com

Come and visit my column on NBCnews.com


See you there!


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