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My latest poem for Autumn…


Grey is your name like your dark past

But your future is green like spring

Strong is your chin like marble

Your jaw is set to withstand anything

Resolute your features so clear

Like nature you endure through all

Your soul bending but never breaking

Like a mighty mountain you stand tall

You rise like the brilliant sun every day

You change tides like the lofty moon

Your patience never waivers

Your words and thoughts cause swoon

When I hear your voice so lovely

And feel the tones wash over me

I take refuge in your porcelain skin

Lost in your blissful serenity

I have found solace in your arms

Where I want to stay forever

But we must both continue on

To fulfill each life endeavor



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Life can often come down to perspective making all the difference. How w

e see things, how we see others, can be the deciding factor between success or failure, friendship or enmity, a lost opportunity or a friend for life.

This period in my life has been crazy busy. I am moving fast in my new job, recording albums, talking with agents and publishers, performing live,  writing books, running festivals and working with book cover artists.  Through this growth period I have been experimenting with altering perspectives and it is changing my life!

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My Celtic nation

As a member of the Celtic nation, I meet fellow members everywhere I go.  I see their artwork come through in tattoos, signs and billboards.  The ancient culture devised by my forefathers is even more prevalent now that it was in the dark dawn of time, centuries ago.

I am proud to be Welsh, to be part of the Celtic nation, and to have visited my home country of Wales and the other Celtic countries in Europe.  All I need to do to remember is to look around and see my Celtic brothers and sisters and their signs everywhere.  This particular sign I found in the Cornelius Pass Road House in Oregon.  It is, like my Celtic nation, wonderful, magical, mystical, artistic and beautiful in every way.

Celtic from CPR

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I am in or written about in just about every book in the world, since I am Eddie, and that is a whirlpool!

I am Eddie and I am in almost every book in the world.  You will see me, my name, used sometimes to described whirling leaves or and “eddie” of leaves.  Also, I can be used to describe whirlpools in water, sometimes “eddying” on the surface.  And often, the wind moves in an “eddie” or “eddies” along the coast.

So next time you read a book, you’ll most likely see me, my name, in the air or water.  Which means, I am in almost every book in the world!  This is a wonderful concept to think about since I am both an avid reader and a prolific author of short stories, plays, true books and novels!  I write and I am written about in almost every book in the world!

Author pic

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