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Train travel still excites!

I have loved trains ever since I was a boy.  Still today the sound of a train whistle, the rumble of an approaching train and the thunder of a passing train still stir my soul and bring back great memories.  When I was a child I traveled across the U.S. by train several times and each trip was memorable.  I am still cradled by the click-clack of the wheels going along on the tracks, like a lullaby.  Looking up I see the map of the Northwest, cities dotted by lights and the Pacific Ocean, gateway to another adventure.

When I lived in Europe, I fell in love with trains all over again, traveling all over the U.K. and the continent, on trains, under the Channel on the Eurostar and on tubes every day in the London Underground.  From the Berlin Zoo train to the Paris Metro, I rode trains frequently and renewed that love.  And in the sleeper cars of the long distance trains across Europe that love was sealed.  Even today, when I travel by train up and down the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, my memories are rekindled and my soul is stirred.  Even the club dining car with it’s chrome bar, leather seats and retro lighting are nostalgic!

club car

Words and photo copyright 2016 by Eddie Edwards.


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