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Train travel still excites!

I have loved trains ever since I was a boy.  Still today the sound of a train whistle, the rumble of an approaching train and the thunder of a passing train still stir my soul and bring back great memories.  When I was a child I traveled across the U.S. by train several times and each trip was memorable.  I am still cradled by the click-clack of the wheels going along on the tracks, like a lullaby.  Looking up I see the map of the Northwest, cities dotted by lights and the Pacific Ocean, gateway to another adventure.

When I lived in Europe, I fell in love with trains all over again, traveling all over the U.K. and the continent, on trains, under the Channel on the Eurostar and on tubes every day in the London Underground.  From the Berlin Zoo train to the Paris Metro, I rode trains frequently and renewed that love.  And in the sleeper cars of the long distance trains across Europe that love was sealed.  Even today, when I travel by train up and down the west coast of the U.S. and Canada, my memories are rekindled and my soul is stirred.  Even the club dining car with it’s chrome bar, leather seats and retro lighting are nostalgic!

club car

Words and photo copyright 2016 by Eddie Edwards.


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I recently accomplished and completed a quest.

I recently accomplished and completed a quest.  Travelling all over Washington and Oregon, the great Northwest, I have finished all of the experiences and obtained all of the location stamps to complete my Mcmenamins passport and become a Cosmic Tripster.  I had many great experiences along the way, great road trips and some memorable overnight stays.  I also encountered some very interesting people, ate some great food, discovered some new cultures and totally secluded places far from the tourist main destinations.  I have also tasted some wonderful brews, wine and assorted beverages, heard some great live music and fed my soul.  Now, I am contemplating a new passport and starting the journey all over again!quest

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Charles Dickens and I have both written and published 20 novels each.

I have always loved Charles Dickens novels.  I sometimes find our writing styles can be very similar, as can our characters and situations.  And though we have lived very different lives in very different times, we both share experiences and encounters, as well as adventures, that I often find we are very much alike.

I could never hope to be as gifted a writer as Charles Dickens, or to claim to be in his company in the hierarchy of authors, but I do know we have a connection and it comes through in our writing.  If he were alive today, I am sure we would collaborate on a novel and in some places, the difference between his writing and mine could even be seamless.

my books

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Summer is here at last!

Here in the Northwest of the United States, our summers can come late, end early or be full of precipitation.  But this summer has not disappointed.  It has come early, continues to burn hot, and shows no signs of ending early.  It is a time for road trips, hiking, exploring, camping, spending time at the beach, on the water and together, eating outside and enjoying time on the deck as much as possible.

As we continue to enjoy time outside and this pristine weather, we remember that family is important and that family must always come first.  It is family that we work for, get up every morning and go to our jobs, save up, pay for benefits and plan for the future.  Without family, fun in the sun this summer and every summer just wouldn’t have any meaning.

Get out there and enjoy the summer fun with your family!

gun view

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Autumn is upon us and the majesty of nature abounds.

This weekend we took a drive out to the coast and witnessed a wide array of nature’s color now that Autumn has alighted upon us.  Even though daylight savings is here and the days are darker and shorted, the rain is falling and the temperatures are dropping, there is still the glorious color of Autumn to make us smile.

I recommend everyone take a drive soon, away from home and comfort, to a coast or a new place, and enjoy the adventure and the color.  You may even discover something that is new to you, as we did, and will make the whole trip even that much more special.



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I am always looking for a challenge, inspiration and adventure!

I am very grateful for my life and I love the way I live it.  But to keep my creative juices flowing, to expand my soul and increase my intellect, I am constantly looking for new challenges, inspirations and adventures.  I find that a challenge causes me not only to push myself further, but teaches me new things and puts me under pressure to perform.  I love to be under pressure and to perform and I am at my best when I am doing just that.  A new challenge also keeps me from becoming complacent.

Not only as a globally published novelist, but also as a world traveler and a man of many talents, I am always looking for new inspirations as well.  Inspirations come in many forms in my life, from visiting a new place, to meeting new people, finding a new restaurant, to seeing a landscape for the first time or seeing a film where people are living on an inspiration and striving to be part of something bigger than themselves.  This makes me put myself on the line and reach out in a new endeavor or inspires me to write about something even more meaningful.

And finally, adventure has always been something that tugs at the very essence of my being.  Whether it is a trip to a new place, or a trip to a place I’ve visiting before but has always inspired me, I am up for the experience.  Even a new relationship can be an adventure that draws me in and makes me soar to new heights.  I will always live for a new challenge, inspiration and adventure and I hope you will too!

fire tower bird

Words and photo copyright 2014 by Eddie Edwards.


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When one window closes, another door opens!

I know the old cliché says when one door closes, another door opens.  But for me, it was slightly different.  Recently, a window closed for me that was an outlet of exercise, income and exposure.  But then a new door opened that replaced that with even more exercise, income and exposure.  And along with it came travel and opportunities that are even more exciting and adventurous than that previous window that closed.

In life, all good things must come to an end.  I know, I am in cliché mood today!  But when a good thing ends in my life, it is almost always followed by a new good thing that starts.  As I reflect on the past and the good memories of that window, I now look forward to the future and am excited as I anticipate the greater memories I will make as I walk through this new door.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.

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