Humans thrive on contact but society discourages it.

We as humans thrive on contact.  We are made inside another human.  We kiss and hug before we can even walk or speak.  We are warm blooded creatures and write songs, books and movies about love between humans.  And yet our society discourages contact.  Our society wants us to have virtual friends, connect via media instead of through touch and so many of our children now are being born Autistic.  These poor souls shun as much contact as possible.  What a shame.

For those who prefer texting over a phone call to hear another human’s voice, who prefer video games over physical sports or interacting with humans in person, for those who prefer as little contact as possible with other humans, they have sadly become anything but human.  We are made for contact with other humans and need to do so, for our physical, mental and emotional well being.  Otherwise, we become aliens on our own planet.


Words copyright 2016 by E.J. Edwards.


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