Slaying Dragons

Have you slain a dragon recently in your life?  Of course, I am talking about metaphorical dragons, such as situations, companies and people.  I recently slew a dragon in the form of a situation.  It was very stressful situation that involved a great deal of risk and fighting for what I really wanted.  And it was a pivotal situation in my life which also required just the right timing.  Fortunately, I was blessed and the timing was perfect, the risk yielded reward and the fight was victorious.  I obtained exactly what I wanted and needed and found myself, once again in my life, slaying a dragon.

If you are facing dragons in your life, remember that with nothing ventured, nothing is gained.  That you have to fight for what you want and you have to follow your passion.  May the wind be ever at your back as you go about slaying your dragons.  Be strong.Celtic from CPR



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