Part way through the semester, the workload has set in!

Part way through the first semester, the workload has set in, for both my students and for me, as a student.  Many of my students are now feeling the pressure and stress of the workload of the first semester.  Some are falling behind, some are struggling, some are barely making it and a few are actually excelling.  But it is this time of the academic year where we all experience and encounter the challenges of a school year.  It is also at this time that we begin to embrace the challenges, meet the deadlines, accomplish the work and begin to really learn and excel.

As a student, taking classes, I am learning the same thing about myself as my students travel this similar path of discovery.  I have deadlines as a teacher and a student, assignments to accomplish, reports to write, material to present, and even homework myself to do!  But as my students embrace the challenge, so do I and I enjoy it, welcome it and hopefully, as some of my students are doing, succeed and excel in my education.



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