Are you a Five Percenter like me?

Do you know that 95% of all people go through life blind?  They don’t see the important things around them, they miss the details that make life worth living, they ignore the significant things and focus on the trivial.  I have found that, instead, I am part of the 5% of people who notice the important things, savor the details, and soak up every aspect of life every day, living as if it were my last on earth.  I also know, as part of the 5%, to be thankful for all of the good things I have and to not take them for granted.  I also know that bad things happen to build character, and that worse things happen to better people than me, so I don’t complain but grow stronger from them.  I also find that I am a person that children are drawn to, and that highly intelligent people want to be around.  Some people have even called me a genius.  One side affect is that many people shun me because I intimidate them, expose their inadequacies, and make them feel uncomfortable about their small minds and blindness.  But I accept this, as you will, my fellow Five Percenter, being ostracized and isolated sometimes, but don’t give up hope, as it is we who change the world every day, one person at a time.


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