Winter wonderland and comfort food

With temperature in the teens where I live in Seattle, there is white frost and ice everywhere this past week.  And the sky is so clear and cold at night that the stars glint like silver needles.  Nature is adorned in this winter wonderland with an assortment of ice and frost art, all over nature, and everywhere I turn.  Here are a few examples of some of arts wintry, icy art.

And in this season, when it is so cold, it’s fun to make comfort food.  Comfort food for me is food that is warm, heavy, cheesy, filling, fun to make and fun to eat.  This week we made three layer cheesy mac with garlic toast crumbles and bacon.  It was fun to make and it tasted great, especially on a really cold night where we just wanted to stay warm.  Enjoy!


spider web


Words and photos copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.





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