Ever try to do something charitable and get lots of push back?

I recently set up a private fund raiser to help a friend going through a health crisis.  I did it out of the purest intentions, but unfortunately, most people thought I did it for the wrong reason.  Most people assumed I had the wrong intentions.  Many people were jealous that I thought of it before them.  And several others questioned my integrity, methods and honesty!

Why is our society so jaded that you are automatically accused of being guilty until proved innocent?  I guess with so many scams these days, even by so-called “charity organizations,” have made most people distrustful.  We live in a sad world where whenever someone tries to do something good or raise money, they are immediately judged as being shifty or scamming!  We need to get back to days gone by when we assumed everyone’s attentions were pure from the beginning.  Or maybe we can never get back to those days.  I will press on, through all the push back, and continue to do good and help out my fellow man in crisis, continuing to raise funds to those less fortunate than myself and for those in need.


Words and photo copyright 2013 by Eddie Edwards.



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